10 Useful Things I have Learnt About Ireland and Irish While I Lived Here!!

Seasons Of IrelandI’ve been living in Ireland for 4 months now and right now, at the time you are reading this, it’s my last day at work with Hotelsireland.com and my great colleagues. Sounds sad huh? I’ll try not to make you all cry, but at the moment, my keyboard is drowning in the humongous tears that are dripping from my eyes and nose… and ears (what?) =’( I have learnt lots of things here during my stay about Ireland and the Irish, but as we all know each other so well, I will share my wisdom with you. But you have to promise you won’t tell anyone, it has to stay a family secret! Haha Joke.   What can I start with?

1. The Irish Weather isn’t all that bad
I know, one of the things you think you know about Ireland is that the weather pretty much sucks most of the time. But rest assured, Irish weather isn’t that bad (talking the crazy person who swam in the Atlantic Ocean in Galway in May while it was 11 Degrees Celsius outside) No really, weather is not awful. It’ll probably rain every day but it’ll only last for 5 minutes and chances are that you miss the rain shower completely. Talking about Irish weather and rain:  Should there be rain, an umbrella is usually useless as the wind is mental sometimes. Another fact I discovered thanks to the weather: when it’s cloudy, it’s not cold, but when the sky is ocean blue, prepare to freeze.

2. Ireland is not all Green hills, Whiskey, Beer and Pubs!!

That’s what you think, am I right? That’s why I came to Ireland for my internship, you can’t fool anyone. But guess what? There is much more to Ireland than that! There is so much cultural, geographical and any other word finishing by “al” diversity in this country, it blows your mind! Best way to get the full impact, is to go both to the Republic of Ireland and to Northern Ireland.

Irish BeerJameson Whiskey

3. The Irish ARE really friendly!

The one thing you will notice immediately when you first arrive here on the Emerald Isle,  is how the locals are very very nice, helpful and all, even if most of the times they are convinced they are not. In Asia, it is said that the Thai is the nicest and kindest population. Well I would say that the Irish are the Thai of Europe. Does everyone agree?

4. It is way cheaper and faster to travel by coach then by train.

5. Even though the island of Ireland is small, it takes a long time to see everything

Like said before, Ireland has so much to offer and so many things to see that you can’t do it all in a few days. You would need weeks or months of vacation. Dang! I will have to come back!

Temple Bar6. If a pint costs you more than €5, you must be in a tourist Pub.

7. And a real Dubliner’s advice: If you want to buy Guinness Merchandise, it is cheaper in any Carroll’s or any gift shop than it is at the Guinness Storehouse!

8. Leprechauns aren’t real! ♣

LeprechaunsBefore you come to Ireland, you need to know the truth… Leprechauns don’t exist, nor pots of Gold. Sorry to break it to you, but it is just a story that is told. You won’t find any, especially in times of recession. If you still need your Leprechaun fix while you are in Ireland, you can visit the Leprechaun Museum in Dublin.

9. Learn Rugby Rules

RugbyOh, Rugby Rules, I’ve learnt a lot about Rugby Rules. I know it is not really useful but it helps if you are in a bar while a game is on. You look kind of dumb when you are the only one not screaming when the team scores… I lived it; I know what I am saying!


10. The Irish accent is…, well, … special. ☺

It took me some time, but I finally managed to understand the Irish accent perfectly. But it’s not just the accent; it’s also the typical Irish expressions which my colleagues use a lot like: That’s grand, Thanks a million. But also the ones you would hear when talking to someone in a pub (I’ll translate these because you wouldn’t guess them):

  • Let’s go to my gaff – Let’s go back to my place.
  • Head for the Offo – Let’s go to the off Licence store (or liqueur store) to by more alcohol.

Or these words you hear all the time, or you see everywhere: Craic and Cheers. Anyways, I would say Hiberno English (that’s the official word for Irish English) is a very beautiful language. And I’m not being sarcastic when I say that.


Help, my keyboard is about to die, electronic and water are not a good pair.

So yeah, that’s it, the 10 useful things I’ve learnt while I lived here. I am really going to miss Ireland, especially Dublin. But I’ll be back, muahahaha (evil laugh)!!

Cheers (see I even use it now). ♥

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