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5 Reasons to Stay at an Irish B&B this Summer

Bed & Breakfasts in Ireland

Always a warm Welcome

If you want to experience the “real” Ireland and meet some locals along the way, there is one perfect accommodation type that I can only recommend: the good old B&B! Believe me, it¬†will feel like you are staying with friends – only the breakfast is better :-)

If you still need a good reason to stay at an Irish B&B this summer, here are 5 more facts that will definitely convince you:



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The Little Museum of Dublin

Little Museum of DublinWe have many museums in Dublin – there is really something for everyone. The only thing that was missing though, was a museum with an exhibition based on our capital. Well, since the end of November 2011, Dublin City has a museum of its own! The Little Museum of Dublin!


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