Bloomsday in Dublin 2012

Do you know what day is today? It’s June the 16th and this means that it is Bloomsday! But what is Bloomsday you might ask…

Bloomsday is a commemoration observed each year on June 16th in Dublin and elsewhere to celebrate the genius of Irish writer James Joyce and relive the events in his world renowned novel Ulysses, all of which took place that very day in 1904. The name derives from Leopold Bloom, the central protagonist of Ulysses. It is said that June the 16th is also the day when Joyce first went out with his future wife Nora Barnacle! How romantic!

The day involves a plethora of cultural activities including Ulysses readings and dramatizations, pub crawls, and general fun. In general, most of the activities are hosted by the James Joyce Centre in North Great George’s Street, but there will be events in Glasnevin Dublin, and the James Joyce museum at the Martello Tower in Sandycove.

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