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Discovering Dublin pubs

Last Saturday night, I visited few Dublin pubs with my friends. We all wanted to discover some traditional and typical Irish pubs with traditional music, food and drinks obviously!

Our first pub was the O’Neills Pub, close to the Statue of Molly Malone. This is a really big pub. After a few minutes going upstairs and downstairs, we finally found a free table (it was quite difficult!) where I tasted the famous and excellent Guinness.

Guinness Beer

Guinness Beer

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Visiting Dublin’s museums

During my first stay in Dublin I visited few Dublin’s museums:

The National museum of Ireland

The National museum of Ireland is a very nice place. The museum is set in a very beautiful old building and opened its doors in 1890 for the first time.

National museum

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3 events not to miss in Ireland this month

There are so many things that should not be missed in Ireland.

View over Dublin from the Wicklow Mountains

So here are our top 3 events for this month that would be fantastic for you to attend, especially if you plan on visiting the regions they are located into.

If you wish to know what is on this month in Ireland, I invite you to visit !

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Top 9 reasons to visit Dublin

airliner landing at dusk

  1. Easy access – There are many flights from over 100 European airports to Dublin every day and ferries arrive from Holyhead and Liverpool on a regular basis. At the airport there are different bus services running to the city centre and Dublin’s surroundings.

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Street Entertainment in Dublin

Ireland is an entertaining country because of the lively atmosphere in the streets. Dublin itself is a city known for its street entertainment, for instance in Grafton Street. Street musicians (the buskers) and street entertainers have been on Dublin’s Grafton’s Street for many years.


Grafton Street, Dublin 2

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What’s On this Spring in Ireland

There is so much happening around Ireland this spring. Ireland is home to many fantastic festivals and diverse events and here we picked our favourite 5 not to be missed this April and May:

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Temple Bar TradFest 2015 – Celebrating it’s 10th Birthday

Temple Bar TradFest

The Temple Bar TradFest is a music festival taking place in Dublin’s famous Temple Bar quarter for the 10th time this year. This year the festival will run from the 28th of January to the 1st of February 2015.

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Christmas Shopping in Dublin

Dublin Docklands Christmas Market

Ireland’s capital bustles with excitement all year round and Christmas time in Dublin brings the added pleasure of colour, Christmas lights and Christmas shopping. Opening hours generally run from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturdays, while at Christmas time these are often extended to 8pm and on Sunday’s from 12pm to 6pm. You can expect Dublin to be extremely busy on December 8th as on this day people from all over the Ireland hurry to the capital to do their Christmas shopping and soak up Dublin’s Christmas spirit. Continue reading

The best Pubs in Dublin!

The Best Pubs in Dublin

The first image springing to mind when asked about Ireland is in most cases a pub. There are some knock-offs in every country, but they cannot hold up to a true Irish Pub.  And since I am relatively new to Ireland and Dublin in particular I thoroughly tested a few to see which Irish Pub is really worth a visit and to find the best pubs in Dublin for you. From the list my co-workers gave me, these four pubs were my favourites, because of all the special extras they have. Continue reading