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Street Entertainment in Dublin

Ireland is an entertaining country because of the lively atmosphere in the streets. Dublin itself is a city known for its street entertainment, for instance in Grafton Street. Street musicians (the buskers) and street entertainers have been on Dublin’s Grafton’s Street for many years.


Grafton Street, Dublin 2

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Christmas Shopping in Dublin

Dublin Docklands Christmas Market

Ireland’s capital bustles with excitement all year round and Christmas time in Dublin brings the added pleasure of colour, Christmas lights and Christmas shopping. Opening hours generally run from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturdays, while at Christmas time these are often extended to 8pm and on Sunday’s from 12pm to 6pm. You can expect Dublin to be extremely busy on December 8th as on this day people from all over the Ireland hurry to the capital to do their Christmas shopping and soak up Dublin’s Christmas spirit. Continue reading

A French Girl in Dublin – First Impressions: …it’s a charming place!

When I first came to Dublin, about 4 weeks ago, to start my internship here at Hotelsireland.com, I was afraid that Irish people might be a bit “cold”, maybe even unfriendly…. but I rapidly changed my mind !!!! As I was trying to find my way through the streets of Dublin, asking people if I was going in the right direction, I was really surprised to see that all of them were very friendly and so willing to help. There was even a woman who helped me carrying my suitcases up Grafton Street to reach the LUAS. I didn’t expect that! The situation in Paris would have been completely different! People there are always in a hurry and don’t care about you !

People here divide Dublin into two parts: Dublin North and Dublin South – separated by the River Liffey that flows directly through the city centre. I can’t see much of a difference between “the North” and “the South” yet – but apparently there is one. At least that’s what I’m being told…

It is really pleasant to stroll in this “human-sized” town. You can easily explore the city centre and its most important attractions by foot. What I like best here are the Georgian houses with their coloured doors (see the image below) which give the town a fun and happy face. I’m also impressed by the large number of lovely parks here – great to relax, especially when the sun is shining, like it is at the moment!

The Irish capital is also famous for the richness of its cultural life. You have to visit the Temple Bar area – Dublin’s cultural headquarter, with all its theatres, cinemas, art galleries and artist’s studios.

When it comes to shopping (which is probably one of my favourite activities), Dublin is the perfect place to go. There are many stores on and around Grafton Street (THE shopping street here in Dublin) and Henry Street and in one of the many shopping centres here in Dublin City: St Stephen’s Green Centre (in the South Inner City), Ilac & Jervis Shopping Centres (in the North Inner City), or Dundrum Shopping Centre, which is a 15 minute LUAS ride from the city centre.

Dublin is known to have a young and cosmopolitan population. That’s probably why the nightlife here in Dublin is so great. There are loads of Pubs, Bars, Clubs, Lounges, you name it. When walking around the city centre at night, you’ll see an unbelievable amount of dressed-up young (and older) partygoers on the streets, which creates a lively & fun atmosphere.

For this Sunday I’m planning on going for a walk somewhere “green”, with “trees”. Maybe I’ll go to Phoenix Park, which is only a 15 minute walk from the city centre and will probably be crowded on a lovely day. Or I’ll visit St Stephen’s Green Park (only 1 minute from the shopping centre & Grafton Street – that’s a definite advantage!), or maybe Ranelagh Park, or Marlay Park …

Alice (the new French Intern ;-) )


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